Reeborg's World is free

  • Reeborg's World is free: you do not have to pay to use it.
    • I pay for the required hosting fees myself and currently have absolutely no plan to derive income from the site.
  • Reeborg's World is open source; the main repository is public and can be found at I know that some teachers have installed a copy on their school servers for convenience and I try to offer support for those who want to do this.
    • There is a separate repository,, where a single zipped file is available for those wishing to install a local copy on their server, without all the extra material useful only for developers. Before downloading that file, you should check the date: if it appears to be fairly old, you should contact me so that I can prepare a more up to date version.
  • All written material related to Reeborg's World, including this book, is freely available.
    • I might look into producing a paper version of this book to be sold at or near cost, but there will always be a free version available online.
  • Reeborg's World does not require users to log in. In fact, there is no login feature. Unless users (teachers or students) contact me, I have no way to know who you are.

    • I do use Clicky to keep track of how many people are using the site. However I know that some adblockers will disable Clicky. I would appreciate if you did not disable Clicky so that I can have a reliable estimate of the number of people using the site.
    • I do not embed any social media widgets, nor do I have any ads on the site. [If the traffic on the site increases substantially, I might consider accepting support from a sponsor.]
    • Reeborg's World does save the current state of a session in your browser's local storage, thus allowing you to resume your work when you leave and come back to the site at a later time. I do not have access to this information.
    • There is a live collaboration feature available where two or more people can work together remotely; this makes use of Mozilla's server with TogetherJS. If you use this feature, Mozilla may know who you are - I do not.
  • Reeborg's World is also designed with teachers in mind: while some basic worlds (i.e., programming tasks) are included by default, you can easily create and add your own. In fact, my motivation for writing this book was to give you the tools required to create interesting programming tasks.

    • It is my hope that you will contribute your worlds (including images) freely so that they can be shared with others.

If by using Reeborg's World you can help others learn programming, while being paid for doing so, I say congratulations to you! However, please note that this book is released under a licence which allows you to adapt its content, but not to sell it. Reading and learning from this book, and using that knowledge to financially profit from using Reeborg's World is allowed. While I have no intention of doing so at the moment, I reserve all rights for selling copies of this book or any other adaptation of its content.

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